Interaction Design Week One Journal

Storyboarding is a very interesting and important element to many creative fields. As it applies to UX, it highlights the actual situations and emotions that users may be experiencing while interacting with a piece of software. It is also very context driven. Since different users have different needs and different usage cases with software, it is helpful to imagine different scenarios that they may be going through in order to produce an optimal experience for them. Applying user personas to these scenarios as we did this week is a great jumping-off point to put yourself in the shoes of other people that will be using your product.

As a kid, I particularly enjoyed comic books for their story-telling ability, and wished that I could create the same kind of experiences on paper. As it turns out, I was never a gifted artist, and gravitated towards digital design as a result. I look forward to applying storyboards as a technique to develop more user journeys in the future.


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