Usability II Reflection Journal Week 7

My junior year at Ohio State University, I had the opportunity to use an eye-tracking technology. I was studying Evaluation and Usability Testing as an undergraduate student, and had no idea previously that such things existed. That was actually my first (proper) introduction to usability in general, and I did not know at the time that I would be pursuing the field for my career.

It was a pleasure revisiting the subject for our final assignment over these past two weeks. I enjoyed clicking around on the Tobii site to see how far the technology has come. Of course, there have been many developments in recent years, but I did not realize the broad spectrum of eye-tracking tools available, from eyeglasses to specialized displays. It makes me excited for the future of eye-tracking studies.

Our assignment was a great opportunity to dip a toe in the water with eye-tracking studies. I liked how we evaluated one task with five participants instead of a more comprehensive test. This allowed me to really see the potential in what eye-tracking can do for usability. Although it’s not appropriate in all cases (our assignment’s a decent example) it can provide practitioners with priceless information when used properly.

On a personal note Mr. Roll, thank you for an enjoyable term!


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