Usability II Reflection Journal Week 6

As I progress further along into my UX program with Kent, I become increasingly aware of how important a designer’s portfolio is to their success. As someone with little applied experience, I’m always interested in seeing how people choose to portray themselves and their work while I figure out the best way to represent my work. The design of the portfolio itself is an important part of displaying your abilities after all, and each person’s style is different.

This week I was grateful to come across a great resource to have while developing a portfolio. The article gives advice to UXers after having reviewing several thousand portfolios submitted for consideration to the company Availo. Many things I had not given much thought were among the suggestions made, such as how to introduce yourself effectively. It sounds so simple, but it is easy to understand how it can be overlooked by so many. As with many things in our field, applicants were encouraged to keep it brief. One aspect that the article took a sharp stance on was skill charts, saying they should be avoided at all times. It is a trend that I noticed based off some portfolios I reviewed, and one I’m now glad to have one employers opinion on them. They argue that it is not meaningful to say “I’m x% photoshop” for example, and advocate for making the portfolio about the work. 

As I continue to take on projects and plan my portfolio design, this will be a useful reference to look back upon.


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