Usability II Reflection Journal Week 5

When I began my mobile test report, I already had an idea of the direction I wanted to head in. I began selecting hardware last week while we reviewed past solutions for recording, and used what I came across to design my simple camera case. I found the GiraffeCam, and endoscopic camera with a flexible wire cable, and I knew quickly that it would be perfect. It is very low profile, lightweight, and easy to point due to the cable’s flexibility.

So in photoshop, I quickly threw the images together to see if I could create a sensible prototype. Going through this process uncovered several design flaws: the camera did not record sound, and since I knew I wanted it, I didn’t have a way to record the participant’s face at the same time as the device screen. Using a second GiraffeCam pointing back at the user was not an option as it would have been an unsettling distraction. It then occurred to me that I could unobtrusively capture both participant’s facial expressions and session sound with the built-in camera and microphone on a MacBook Pro. I used a creative technique that screen captured two windows that were in video preview mode: FaceTime and QuickTime video record. I tested the setup myself and got remarkably good results considering it would require less than $100 in hardware. I plan to build in the exact camera case I depicted in my assignment and look forward to getting some real world experience testing for mobile.


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