Usability II Reflection Journal Week 2

For week two we went through the steps of creating an unmoderated test online. My test is being conducted on a smaller online company, StoreHouse tea. Validately is an impressive platform with many different ways of obtaining data. I’m hoping my tasks will help to reveal how navigable the existing interface is when trying to perform directed tasks. It was a challenge to prioritize what areas of the interface to test, and how to go about doing so. I look forward to seeing how participants are able to do.

As election day approaches, I found myself wondering about the UX behind perhaps the single most important application- balloting. Moving the voting process to a digital platform is a controversial conversation, and a move that’s unlikely to happen in the near future. There are understandable concerns with security. But there should still be a conversation about the user experience behind casting a vote. After all, the 2012 election attracted only 58% of Americans as voters. I think user experience is one of many factors that tie into this low turnout, especially when younger voters are the most absent. Our ballots are not exactly straight-forward, and the internet and mobile software has spoiled people with a refreshing movement of uncompromisingly-minimal design. Going from one to the other can be a shock to users. With some minor touch ups to our existing system, we can get more people to participate in our political process.


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