Usability I Reflection Journal Week 6/7

While conducting my own testing on Papa John’s online ordering, I was surprised to witness as many usability issues in action as I did. My participant was a former colleague of mine with a background in software testing, so I expected him to be able to navigate all tasks effortlessly. He’s used to far bigger and complex usability issues, and still there were times when he had to hesitate or made a mistake performing tasks. Going through that testing made our final assignment an exciting endeavor, since I knew my peers’ videos would likely uncover much more than my own.

This ended up falling in line with expectations. Each of the three assessments provided great insight into areas where common usability issues may occur, and everyone seemed to do a great job ‘thinking aloud’. I was able to make determinations about areas of opportunity that I felt confident about after watching four individuals go through the same testing. The assignment and our class as a whole was an eye opening experience as to the prevalence of usability issues online. Surely companies such as Papa John’s have robust design teams, and go through countless iterations, yet still opportunities for improvement exist and they’re not hard to find. It gives me great confidence moving forward in my academics to see how great the need is for usability review.



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