Usability I Reflection Journal Week 5

This weeks assignment required us to play the role of moderator, using our provided script and tasks. It was a difficult exercise; I found myself biting my tongue to refrain from speaking at times, and potentially leading my participant. I was fortunate to have found a participant that has a background in quality assurance for software companies, and had familiarity with think-aloud protocols. He did a great job verbalizing his thoughts, and provided great feedback. If I had chosen a candidate who had less experience, it would have been much more challenging.

If I had to do the assignment over, I would make more alterations to the script, and make it tailored to the individual I would be speaking with. This way, it would feel more natural to the participant and keep things moving smoothly. Overall, I was pleased with how I moderated this assignment. I was nervous, because I knew there was no restart button once a participant had seen testing materials. I was concerned too that my software wouldn’t work out properly and data would be lost as a result.

There were times when I got a little off-task trying to build rapport with my participant and make the experience a little more conversational. I definitely need more practice in order to pull this off effectively, but overall I think things stayed on track fairly well.


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