Usability I Reflection Journal Week 3

I enjoyed having the opportunity to do group work this week. Seeing different approaches and having discussions about them has benefitted me greatly throughout my coursework here at Kent. It seems that design more than about anything else benefits from having more and more input. As someone whose love of design stems from aesthetics, my favorite distinction between people’s work is style. I have already picked up a few tips and tricks for formatting and style from my peers.

Going through the process of creating a screener and tasks was not easy for me. Luckily enough, pizza companies are very relatable for most people, and a fun business to work around. I was also grateful for my assigned group: advanced users. I like to think that I have membership to this group. I’m now at my 3rd university and well-versed in making use of online ordering platforms, ever since they became available in the past 10 or so years. I leveraged this experience and thought back to countless interactions with similar companies to form this document.

Because we were working around a pizza company, I chose to use scenarios heavily. I think it’s safe to say that even novice users have enough experience with pizza- either their own or from others- to find my scenarios relatable. I crafted six scenarios to work around my twenty-or-so questions in order to get the most out of my participants, and they were very useful in this case to help me find the information I was looking for.


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