Usability I Reflection Journal Week 2

For this week’s assignment, I chose to use a more formal approach with a written document. Our scenario described high-level executives as key stakeholders, so it made sense to build an argument with a written report that could be quickly interpreted and available for later reference. This allowed me to put the situation into context and build a strong case for formative testing. I tried to layout my document in a way that it could be understood just at a glance by emphasizing key points with bold (or in this case, regular) weighted font. A very brief one sentence summary is put at the bottom for the most reluctant readers.

It made sense to me to choose formative testing for several reasons. The situation given to us made summative testing challenging. No working prototype was in place, we had no baseline for testing, and there wasn’t enough time for competitive review. Using formative testing just made sense with time constraints that were involved, because it allowed for evaluation along the way, and iterated testing. This approach give the pizza company (Pizza Pan in my case) its best odds for releasing a sound online service. It was a goal to keep the document to one page, with relatively small text areas for easy scanning. This was to make the information and main points easily accessible to all people involved with the project.


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