UXD In Practice Reflective Journal Week 7

This week was spent primarily reviewing portfolios and understanding the wide array of ways UX professionals portray their work online. A strong portfolio is indispensable to anyone looking to build a career in user experience, and I’m grateful for an opportunity to practice developing my own. As someone relatively new to the field of User Experience, I’m a little intimidated by all of the professionals with decorated portfolios that are out there.

I revisited one of the portfolios I drew inspiration from during my first course with KSU, that of a practitioner named Brandon. He was involved with many cool projects, one of which was called “Audience”, an award winning entry in a sponsored design competition. I enjoy learning about the process that designers go through that lead them to a finished project, and this particular portfolio very well represents all of the steps along the way.

Moving forward, I’ll continue to take bits and pieces of inspiration from different portfolios online. One of my favorite aspects of design is the individual touch that is applied to everything. I look forward to becoming a more competent designer, and being able to represent that work in a solid portfolio.


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