UXD In Practice Reflective Journal Week 6

This week we drafted our redesigns again based on our research. Going through the motions of sketching and reevaluating design improvements multiple times really helps to come up with new ideas. When our class began, I did not realize that ReminderX was going to be the theme all the way through. At first I wasn’t thrilled, since a reminder app only allows so much creativity. Now I realize that even simple design requires some time. Having worked on ReminderX week over week has allowed me to make great improvements to my mock-ups.

I saw a humorous post from someone frustrated with the Facebook app this week. He pointed out an interesting design decision: Facebook wouldn’t allow him to disable notifications, he was only able to dismiss them until 8AM the next day. Facebook has an obvious vested interest in making sure that users remain engaged with their platform, so it is clear why they don’t make it easy to disable notifications. Certainly some users would find this irritating, yet Facebook still kept the design this way.roaqk9ojrpex


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