UXD In Practice Reflective Journal Week 3

Week three already. I spent a lot of time this week reviewing different articles and threads online regarding hiring practices for UX professionals. I came across several anecdotes that I found surprising. On one particular forum, I read about an individual venting over a company stealing the ideas he provided during a interviews, after not being offered a position. He was given a “take home assignment”, completed it, and soon saw his ideas implemented by the company that then claimed a UX professional was out of their budget. As I continued to read comments on the thread, I learned that it’s not too uncommon an experience. It’s a scary thought to be taken advantage of by a company while trying to make a good impression on them, but it’s something that all UX practitioners – particularly ones just entering the field – should be wary about. After having read these anecdotes I know to be cautious about companies that seek to take advantage of rookie UXers.

I also spent some time this week reviewing portfolios, and remembered the importance having a strong portfolio in UX, even without much work experience. It helps to attract more serious employers and establish credibility in hiring situations. These resources will be useful to keep in mind throughout my studies as I approach entering into the job market.


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