Reflective Journaling Week 6

This unit was a good opportunity for me to refine my understanding of typography. Choosing typefaces has always been an intimidating endeavor for me, ever since I first explored development for the web. Having so many options always made everything seem equally mundane, but I never had the resources to understand the distinction between different options. Watching the documentary Helvetica was an eye-opening experience for me. I knew that the font was very popular, but the different contexts in which it is used makes it sometimes hard to detect with the untrained eye. All of the usage cases shown in the documentary go to show how dynamic typography can be.

I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between black and white in artwork. I think this stems from a natural attraction to typography. Our assignment this week enabled me to study relationships between fonts, and the ways they interact in different contexts. I look forward to becoming more adept in developing complex typesets for bigger projects.


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