Reflective Journaling Week 5

This week’s focus on composition was very helpful for me. It gave meaning to a lot of concepts I have seen in practice, but did not fully understand or know how to implement. As the web continues to evolve, I think that asymmetrical design will continue to play a larger role. I think it provokes a larger emotional reaction out of the user and generally lends itself to a cleaner look. They tend to be more visual and minimal, which is a very popular approach these days. Both of my examples for effective design happened to be asymmetrical layouts that are very effective in my opinion.

The golden ratio was a term that I had heard before, but was not completely familiar with. I was fascinated to learn about how it is naturally occurring in many ways in wildlife. It’s just another example of how design is universal. These principles will stick with me as I continue to develop layouts in the future.


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