Reflective Journaling Week 2

Reflective Journaling Week Two:

One of the principles that stuck out to me in our second week of readings was the concept of “invisible knowledge”. One of the consequences of technology that I’ve noticed personally pertains to this. Since information is so readily accessible to us through the internet, the responsibility to retain that knowledge “in the head” is much less important. Norman discusses how he no longer remembers his own phone number, or about anyone else’s since he now currently relies on technology to remember that information for him.

Although I’m still able to retain several phone numbers (thankfully my own as well), in some ways, I’ve felt myself become less smart as a result of the accessibility of information. Definitions of unknown words take more conscious effort to commit to memory, because I always have a dictionary on hand to aid me. Historical information I likely forget until I revisit wikipedia to jog my memory. That information becomes “invisible” without these aids at times, and it is an important thing to keep in mind in the context of design.

Another aspect of week two that stuck out to me was the subject of color vision, and the limitations of how our color vision works. The concept of designing with color-blindness in mind was one that I had not spent much time thinking about in the past. The first website I designed would have failed horribly in this respect; it was darker red text on a black background, which would have likely been completely invisible to individuals with red/green colorblindness. It is a concept that reinforces the idea of making sure that designs are made as accessible as possible, for people with different accessibility needs.


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